Pest Control

Effectively managing and eradicating your pest problems.

Tasman Bay Pest Control provides the most affordable treatment solutions for all domestic and commerical pest infestation.



Our commercial and residential spraying targets flies, mosquitoes, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish and ants If you and your family are worried about Whitetails, we can offer a more extensive premise spray to ensure every inch of your home is protected.  We have treatments available for the interior and exterior of your home, sheds, decks and paths.

Bees and wasps are treated fast and effectively with a permethrin based product. 


For rats and mice control, we can eradicate the immediate problem and provide management to avoid futher infestation. We have baiting programs available where we take care of the problem on a regular schedule or we can provide you with the tools to manage it yourself. 


With so many different types of ants around, there's no one product that will treat them all. We will identify the type of ant and treat them with a product specific to the breed. From the aggressive Argentine ant to the invasive black ant, we will find the right solution. We use baits, sprays and granules that are safe to use. If required, we can also provide follow up assessments to ensure you are satisfied.

Bugs and Insects Removal

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