Servicing Nelson & Tasman Bays

Independently owned and operated 

Pest Control Services

We offer affordable and competitive rates for the eradication of all household pests, from insects to rodents. Our services include:

  • Free on site quotes
  • Residential and commercial pest management 
  • Baiting programs (Ant /Cockroach / Rodent control)
  • Fly and spider spray 
  • Wasp extermination 
  • Flea treatment 

We use a wide range of pest control methods so call us today to find out how we can help you!

Carpet Cleaning Services

For a professional job at affordable prices, Tasman Bay Carpet Cleaning provide excellence and quality for your carpets.  We offer:

  • Residential and commercial carpet cleaning 
  • Stain removal 
  • Furniture, rug and upholstery cleaning 
  • Competitive prices
  • Odour elimination 
  • Free on site quotes

By using a hot water wash we get a deeper and healthier clean than most steam cleaners.  Our machine doesn't just steam the carpet, it washes the fibers before extracting the allergens, dirt and pet dander hiding in your carpet. The powerful vacuum lifts out excess moisture ensuring your carpets dont stay damp for too long. 

"Proven friendly and reliable"

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